Thursday, 23 August 2012

Guest post by Sarah Kolb

There are few things in life better than a slow summer day, a pretty sundress, and good music. 
This Summer, I've been crazy obsessed with Wild Child, a local band from my hometown of Austin, Texas. 

They're fun. Sweet. Write sardonic and twisted songs over pretty ukulele riffs. And are all around an amazing band. That's why I decided to create this outfit inspired by one of their songs Whiskey Dreams

A cute printed sundress, a cheerful tote, vintage sunglasses, and of course, just a little studded leather to keep things fresh. What are your favourite summer tunes and trends? Let us know!

Whiskey Dreams

Also. If you're ever in an indie folk band and need to think of an album cover. Just find a raggedy vintage piece of furniture and put bold text over. This is literally the epitome of every Austin band's album art, and I love it. 

Don't wake me up, took so long for me
To fall asleep last night through tears I could hardly breath
Thinking maybe there, stupid whiskey dreams
Are gonna kill me soon


-If anyone else would like to do a guest post for me, or vice versa, email me and ill be sure to get back to you :)


  1. Hi I heard you were on IFB. I just joined as well. How long did it take for your account to be activated?

    1. umm, I think mine worked straight away, they say something like 'we have to review your blog first' but I dont think they actually do that, cuz I tried to log in straight away and it worked. Just warning you, its pretty annoying though! Its a great way to share your blog, but you get literally hundreds of random emails from people asking you to follow them

  2. Really? I don't think I'll bother. It's not working anyways. Thanks! xx

  3. I love those colors and true about IFB. If you wanna vote on my first day of school outfit check out my blog!
    -Sienna :)