Saturday, 8 September 2012

Lovisa Ingman for Leur Logette

These photos are of Lovisa Ingman for Leur Logette, taken from their Summer 2012 look book, and are shot by Sayaka Maruyama. DEEP BREATH. Okay, now I've delivered all the necessary information. 
I think these photos are gorgeous. They reminded me of the film Martha Marcy May Marlene, which is shot throughout with a similar washed out look. The film is based around the Manson Family case, and follows Marcy as she escapes from a controlling cult. It also stars Elizabeth Olsen, who is apparently this third Olsen sister that has suddenly crept out of the woodwork. I was a bit dubious of watching a serious film staring an Olsen sister- I mean, although they've stared in great productions such as 'Mary Kate and Ashley in action' (yes I did just google that) I think a murdering religious cult might be a bit out of their depth. But I was actually pleasantly surprised by Elizabeth Olsen's performance, which was very good. So watch it. Also, I apologise to any Olsen twin aficionados. 

Stillzz from Martha Marcy May Marlene

-None of the images above belong to me


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