Tuesday, 10 July 2012

House Of Holland Resort 2013

Henry Holland's gone all stateside with his newest collection. Ive always been a little bit jealous of American High schools. I think it's just because they seem so different to schools we have here in the UK. Like you guys have all sorts of clubs and organisations and stuff, like debate club or cheer leading. (I'm just trying to recall clubs from TV shows or films right now) At my school we had literally two clubs. Gardening club, or choir. Not even the cool glee show choir kind, but like a religious church kind. So that was fun.
And whenever you see a 'jock' character on a show they re always wearing a baseball jacket/ cheer leading uniform. ALL THE TIME! Does that actually happen? Cuz after a few days that's gotta smell...
Ive also always wanted a locker. In any high school film there is always a shot filmed next to a row of lockers, and since we don't really have them over here, Ive always wanted one so I can recreate one of those movie scenes. Like Sharpay and Ryan here:

Above images are taken from http://www.style.com/


  1. I would be sad if i didn't have a locker in high school! cute blog :)

  2. in love with this collection! so high-schooly!
    lots of inspiration...