Monday, 16 July 2012

Michal Pudelka

Ive spent most of my day admiring these beautiful photos by Michal Pudelka. He doesn't use photoshop to retouch or edit any of the models in his images, which is refreshing considering almost every advertisement today shows women with perfectly smooth pore less skin. Although he does use typically 'modelesque' girls- thin, white, I still think its great that he allows his models to remain looking like actual people, and not some creepy life sized barbie dolls. I love the fact that he makes all of his shots look like the most colour coordinated girl gang/ cult members ever.

All above images belong to Michal Pudelka


  1. These are really beautiful, it really reminds me of when it was cool to wear matching clothes..(aka the time between age 0-8)!

  2. i absolutely adore these photos! thanks for introducing me to michal pudelka's work! :)

  3. Haha, glad you liked them :)