Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I wish I went to a girls boarding school...

Just a quick post with some pretty pictures. I love this editorial for Volt Magazine. I thought it fitted in nicely with my last post that was shamefully High school Musical orientated, so hopefully this will raise your opinions of me again! These photos just make me wish I was rich enough to have gone to a girls boarding school. I mean, I don't know about you, but my school experience did not look anything like this. Add a lot of Paul's Boutique handbags, and some Hollister hoodies and your getting closer. This also reminded me of some books I used to read when I was younger. Has anyone else read Mallory Towers, or the worst witch?

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  1. Boarding school has always been my dream! there are some books by Cecily von Zigesar, who wrote Gossip Girl, but they are about a mixed boarding school and they are sooo awesome. After reading them, me and all my friends wanted to go to a boarding school in the USA :)

  2. I love these pictures! Oh god, but I don't think i would ever go to an all girls boarding school haha.

  3. The first two photos are really cool :)