Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Orla Kiely, 70's babe

So this isnt a new campaign from Orla Kiely, but I wanted to share it anyway. Its from waaaay back in a/w 2010 (Okay, so its not that long ago) and is photographed by Venitia Scott, who has done a lot of Orla's other campaigns. How cool are these photo's? I love that theres a photo of the model dancing around and having fun instead of just looking all serious and sultry like most other advertisements. Also, she manages to make wood paneling look stylish and un-sauna like, which I thought was a near impossible task. I had to restrain myself to only posting these photos for now, because there have been so many beautiful campaigns- But ill save them for another day.

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  1. Why is this so perfect? Just off the top of my head this is really reminding me of the way Bella Heathcote was styled for Dark Shadows. Movie was terrible, but styling was absolutely phenomenal.

  2. I never saw dark shadows! I kept meaning to because johnny dep is in it, and well... hes hot XD But I just google imaged her and she has the coolest clothes ever :)