Sunday, 22 July 2012

Red Rock Fashion Competition

The lovely people at Red Rock Fashion are currently running a competition where you can win yourself a  load of free swag. All you have to do is pick one or more items from their website, and make a post showing how you would style your outfit. So not to miss out on the opportunity of winning free stuff, here's my entry:

Dress- Red rock, Coat- Zara, Bag- Red Rock, Shoes- Topshop, Hair Clip- Etsy, Earrings- Etsy, Sunglasses- Etsy, Tights- Asos.   -None of the photos above belong to me.

At the moment I have a minor obsession with 60's mod style. Like I actually spend most of my free time (which at the moment is a lot) just making lists of pretty things on etsy, and trying to find vintage bargains online. I really need to go outside more. So when I was browsing through Red Rock's website and saw this gorgeous mini dress, I knew that my hours of Internet trawling would come in to play. You cant really tell on the above picture, but it actually has small studs around the neckline, giving it a cool punky edge and stopping it from looking too sickeningly girly. It also has the coolest retro flower print.
The rest of the outfit is just a collection of things I wish I could buy right now. The coat is quite mod also, and is in a great pale yellow colour. I'm in love with the shoes, and am actually going to order them as soon as I get paid (THURSDAY!!!) The heel is only small, so you could wear them to walk in, instead of just painfully hobbling everywhere, and the jewels are glitzy enough that you could wear them on a night out, or just in the day. And finally just a few lovely things from etsy to add some crafty awesomeness to the look. Hope you guys like it, and check out the competition yourselves- Its free!

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