Friday, 6 July 2012

Cassie Ainsworth

Now for you American guys and gals reading this, you might only know skins through the American remake MTV made recently (which lets face it, was pretty bad) but please don't write it off based on this only, because the original -well the first two series at least, is sooo good! I thought I'd use this post as an opportunty to pay hommage to the dreamy Cassie ainsworth, my personal favourite character. ever.

None of the above images belong to me.


  1. I love Cassie! Such a sad character...

  2. aww i know! I can only watch the ones with her and sid or I get too sad haha

  3. Hey Susie :) i just followed you- would you like to follow back?

  4. Hi! sure id love to follow you back :) x