Friday, 29 June 2012

first post...

Okay, so I thought that the first thing I post should be about one of my favourite scenes in any movie ever. Anastasia.

Now dont get me wrong, I love the disney classic Anastasia, and she still ranks number three in my list of awesome disney galls (right after Mulan and Pocahontas) But im talking about one specific scene in particular. I remember watching it when i was maybe four or five, and just being so enchanted by it. I recently rediscovered it when I bought the dvd, and even though I have watched many highbrow, more reputable films since, I still find myself reverting back to a small child whenever I hear Liz Callaways voice, and see the glittery spinning ghosts.

There are so many things that I love about this. the sparkling, beautiful dancing figures, glowing in their  jewel hued gowns, the eerie abandoned ball room, the twinkly music the twirling and swishing of the skirts. I could go on.

None of the images above belong to me.

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